SIS with Sage CRM to Sage Wincarat

Sage CRM Integration Sage wincarat

Sales, marketing and sometimes also support will be managed in a CRM system – the gateway of your customers to your company. Sellmore is development partner of Sage Wincarat and is very familiar with the ERP connection. The gateway provides an optimal data transfer.

Through a deep CRM Integration Sage Wincarat, we managed to reduce the input of data enormously: After providing master data once, they will be available in both systems. The field sales agents can access all relevant data on the way like turnover revenue, open invoices, sold items in Sage Wincarat. The offer phases in Sage Wincarat will be synchronised with the opportunities in Sage CRM.

Different to conventional gateways, the SIS allows connecting several different data bases as it provides templates for many software products. The advantage is amongst others the standardisation of already available knowhow for conflict verifications, the tracking of record changes, the administration of the gateway via a graphical user interface and the adaptability of the panel allocation without programming knowledge.

Synchronisation of standard panels (time-controlled, direction adjustable):Storage of historical data for rollback, time adjustable
Company – Customer / Potential customer; Company – SupplierAdmin interface (windows) for operation, log analysis and controlling
Address – Delivery addresses; Person – Contact personTemplates for standard synchronisation processes
Account – Customer; Account – SupplierSending emails of status notifications
Generic demanding pluginDisplay of Sage Wincarat data in Sage CRM ERP focus (no storage in CRM)
Adhoc transfer from CRM to Sage WincaratAdaptability possibilities and definition of storage location (SIS/CRM)
Usage of Sage Wincarat data in groups and reportsJunction of duplicated data
Several mandates (Sage Wincarat or Sage CRM) **) We charge for each additional mandatory licensed.

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