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Customised dialogue is more important than mass communication today. Hence, it is meaningful to generate target groups for campaigns for sending out target specific mailings. With our addon Sage CRM MarketingCentre, you can organise customer data in groups. Therefore, a differentiated working will be enabled if the functions are not sufficient anymore for the standardised groups.


  • Display of the group membership in the data set
  • Hierarchical display of groups (better overview)
  • Change from company groups to groups of persons (and vice versa)
  • Analytical search
  • Export to other formats (xls/csv)
  • Geomarketing features with graphical display
  • Mass refresh
  • New groups by quantity operations (addition, subtraction, intersection, symmetric margin)
  • Serial emails and letter for groups

Fact sheet

Fact sheet of MarketingCentre as a PDF-Download

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