Sage CRM TrafficLightSuite


Every organisation aims to dispose of all relevant and current information of its customers. In the information age, the data quality is a crucial criteria for economic success. The sellmore TrafficLightSuite supports companies in the process to achieve permanently a quality of data .

A traffic light symbol will be displayed in the top content of the organisation which shows the correspondent colour dependent on the quality of the master data. If the panel is not filled, the traffic light turns red. In addition, it is possible to define preferable panels for the data quality with the yellow traffic light colour. If no panel is missing, the traffic light is green. A click on the traffic lights shows an overlay which displays the missing panels in both categories.

Features TrafficLightSuite Basic

  • Display in the top content of the register card "Company”
  • Coloured display of the available data quality
  • Quick insight of not administrated "traffic light relevant“ information
  • The following panels will standardised be delivered:
  • Company: Organisation, account manager, sector, type, source, website;Address: City, post code, road, Country;Person: Form of address, surname, first name, role, department, phone number, email

Features TrafficLightSuite Extended

  • Includes all features of the basic version
  • Admission of validity periods for individual panels
  • Advanced administration area
  • Creation and reduction of further entities and panels for the traffic light

Fact sheet

Fact sheet TrafficLightSuite

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