This is sellmore

Sellmore is a partner for the introduction and improvement of CRM solutions. Our headquarters is in Dresden, Germany. We offer all CRM services starting from the first contact, then the project planning and also the support.

Sellmore has quickly been developed from a CRM department of an office device trader to a startup and now to an expert of CRM systems and is meanwhile employing over twenty employees in the departments programming, project administration, management, marketing and support.

Since 2015, Sellmore belongs majoritarian to the DPS group and is within the group the specialist for CRM solutions of SAGE and Salesforce.

Our Team

Our employees are our most important capital. Satisfied and motivated employees achieve excellent results and find the best solutions for every problem. Therefore, the satisfaction of our employees is a special concern for us. Good working conditions like a work-life balance as well as team work are important for us. For our employees as well as trainees, we have flat hierarchies with transparency and openness which has been confirmed by current and former employees.

General Management

Michael Noack sellmore

Michael Noack

General Manager


Jana Rosche sellmore

Jana Rosche

Head of Backoffice

Eva Kunze sellmore

Eva Kunze


Rouven Kaufmann sellmore

Rouven Kaufmann

Head of Project Management

Robert Krautmann sellmore

Robert Krautmann


Sales / Consulting

Fritz Naumann sellmore

Fritz Naumann

Head of Sales and Consulting

Michael Schneider sellmore

Michael Schneider

Head of Account Management

Daniel Seiler sellmore

Daniel Seiler

Account Manager CRM

Franz Oelsner sellmore

Franz Oelsner

Account Manager CRM

David Dietrich sellmore

David Dietrich

Account Manager CRM

Patrick Gärtner sellmore

Patrick Gärtner

Account Manager CRM

Software Development

Georg Bergholz sellmore

Georg Bergholz

Development Manager

Andreas Liebeskind sellmore

Andreas Liebeskind

CRM Development

Marco Langner sellmore

Marco Langner

CRM Development

Rene Queißert sellmore

Rene Queißert

CRM Development

Michel Rienäcker sellmore

Michel Rienäcker

CRM Development


Matthias Grund sellmore

Matthias Grund

Head of CRM Support

Uwe Böckelmann sellmore

Uwe Böckelmann

CRM Support

Paul Schreibe sellmore

Paul Scheibe

CRM Support